Alliance Launches Via New ‘Run Up’ Single Ft. Indigo Stella, Patty Monroe, Ason, TopGogg & Xplosive DJ

Last week Friday, Alliance, which is described as a new platform that brings artists together to collaborate, fuse sounds and expand SA’s music industry dropped a new song called ‘Run Up’. This new single brings together the likes of Indigo Stella, Patty Monroe, Ason, label co-founder, TopGogg and Xplosive DJ on production to deliver a feel good summer song with a catchy Hip Hop edge. The combination off all the artistic styles brought in by the artists is the highlight on this joint for us and it will be interesting to see what other experiences the label will be offering in the near future.

We’re coming on to the scene with an upbeat sound and friendly aesthetic, but if you’re paying attention, you know we mean business – TopGogg C

Listen below:

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