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Titose’s ‘Was It Something I Said?’ Debut Is A Good One

So we’ve been spending some tome with singer/songwriter Titose’s debut EP called Was It Something I Said? and yeah, we’re been having a good time… First of all, Titose is another new name we’ve been hearing good things about and this debut project she dropped earlier this month comes in with 8 tracks in total with one mentioned feature from The Big Hash. Simply described as “a chronicle of love, friendship and confrontation”, the storytelling experienced throughout Was It Something I Said? is a highlight for us and that does not take away from the qualitative vocal performances found on each track gifted. In a previous post about it, Titose went ahead and briefly expressed how the past year was a really difficult one for her and that the music was a place of solace… And we honestly felt the healing processes the EP presents. This is like a remedy.

The past year was really difficult for me, but when I felt like giving up – music was a solace, a way for me to make sense of the chaos. My only hope is that my music connects with you as much as it’s helped me heal

Listen below:

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