Listen To Rap Duo MaDeebz’s ‘Do Not Disturb Me’ Debut Single

Dynamic rap duo MaDeebz recently came out with their official debut single called ‘Do Not Disturb Me’. The duo is made up of Limpopo native John Mothemane aka Joe Moth & Shadrak  Malebatso aka Nizzie Nova hailing from Klerksdorp. The two are said to have already established respective solo careers with Joe releasing his solo debut project in 2018 with Nizzie making his mark in 2015. The two were introduced in early 2020 by their respective management teams. Joe and Nizzie immediately clicked creatively and decided to form MaDeebz.

MaDeebz is further said to pride themselves in creating relatable feel good music that will speak to Joe’s extroverted outgoing personality, while balancing it out with Nizzie’s laid back and more reserved persona. ‘Do Not Disturb Me’ speaks to that…

The main premise of the song is to tell unwelcomed people to not disturb them, all they’re trying to do is enjoy their lives and are not interested in outside noise. However what not being disturbed looks and feels like is slightly different for both Joe and Nizzie.

When pay day comes around everyone wants to bother you and ask for money and favours. This is a song to let them all know, leave me alone! I’m having a god time and I’m not trying to be disturbed – Joe

I’m just trying to enjoy my life with my close friends and family, don’t bother me if you know you don’t fall into those categories – Nizzie

Listen below:

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