New #HYPExMoneyBadoo Issue Is out!

So, this other time I was thinking about life in general which the inspired thoughts about belief and how much of it I have for myself because you have to be your biggest fan in a word that tends to test us all… How much do you believe in yourself? That’s a question you should ask yourself at least once in your life and if the answer is “not that much” that I urge you to self-introspect and get that self-trust up there. With that poorly said [laughs], here we are with our new and 13th issue that finds music and culture trailblazer, Money Badoo, gracing our final 2021 cover. This issue finds us conversating with the artist that eventually leads to discussions about her journey, thoughts on the game and upcoming debut album in a cover story I’ve titled “Money Badoo – Stepping into her power” because sh*t is about to get real…


Bigger Than Hip Hop | Issue 13

  • Talking ‘PLAYBACK’ and more with K.O
  • Better days are here with Thando
  • Yung Tyran: a villain and a hero
  • ON the record with The Streets AR
  • #BEGINBOLD with Samurai Farai


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