YoungstaCPT x Shaney Jay Drop ‘Dreams Dont Pay Bills’ Collab Album

Yesterday YoungstaCPT came through with his first full project since his award winning debut album. Dreams Dont Pay Bills (DDPB) is a 16 track collaboration album project with Cape Town based producer Shaney Jay. The whole album comes with 16 tracks in total with features from the likes of Jannah Beth, The Big Hash, QueenpinCPT, DJ Ready D, Emile YX, KashCPT and TembiPowers.

“People are gonna be dancing & bobbing to Shaney Jay’s sonically modern production from the start. If you listen in deeper to the lyrics, every one of the songs relates to the album title theme… This project is designed to provide the motivation to people to get up and hustle harder. After all, dreams are just dreams, until you action them and put them into practice.” – YoungstaCPT

Shaney Jay describes the tape as “definitely having a more commercial sound, like most of the beats have that modern day style but with YoungstaCPT coming through with the hard raps… people are going to relate to DDPB.”

It was important… I have a platform that people are starting to become aware of internationally, and I want to showcase the talent in Cape Town. Getting Ready D & Emile on one song hasn’t been done since forever! That’s Black Noise & POC on the same joint! Nashiefah & QueenPinCPT are superstars in the making, they’ve got to be front running female artists in the Cape. The Big Hash, KashCPT & Tembi Powers are all leaders & voices of the new school in their own right, and Jannah Beth has the voice of an angel dove… I’d say everyone is top of their class.

The recording process on DDPB differed from 3T says YoungstaCPT: “3T was more thought out and planned carefully, touching on a range of themes & subjects. DDPB was made during the pandemic, the looting in SA and the whole corruption scandal so there’s a different kind of hunger and survival I speak to. It’s the struggle updated..”

Of working with Shaney Jay as a producer, Young says “Shaney is unlimited. He has variety and respects the process of making music. He takes inspiration from everything and is influenced by all genres of music, people who respect their craft like that should be taken seriously. Working with him, I felt lit up. I am the bulb, Shaney is the plug.”

I really still can’t believe it…it feels like just the other day I was watching YoungstaCPT from the crowd. Working in the studio with Young is really just effortless…nothing about this project felt like it was forced – Shaney Jay

Listen below:

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