Introducing The Shorter Side of YouTube!

YouTube has just shared something cool, fun, dope and special today!

YT has just introduced it’s new feature on the YouTube app for those that love creating and peeping those shorts videos… YouTube Shorts – is a new way to watch, discover and create short videos. With YouTube Shorts, you can select your favourite songs on YouTube and use those records to make your own videos.  From making hilarious clips, starting your own dance challenges, doing those lip syncs ya’ll love to do so much, or showing off your drip… Shorts has you covered! And all you’ve got to do is simply open the YouTube app, click the create icon, and start with the recording.

Okay so what is Shorts?

Shorts is a new video experience available for anyone who enjoys creating short form videos – anything from 15 seconds to a minute. It’s super easy to create and more importantly it links you to over 2 billion YouTube users around the world by giving them a great viewing experience of endless laughs, learning, music discovery, and so much more.

Now with the awesome creation tools on Shorts, you can finally capture and edit videos on YouTube right from your phone. You can add a banger of a song, sample audio from other Shorts, or eligible YouTube videos – easily selecting exactly what part of the song you want to play. You can even add text to your videos and control when it appears and disappears. Yo, there’s also a great selection of filters to choose from – you can string multiple videos together and even control the speed of your video.


So share your Shorts with your friends and family through whichever device you are using and if you really want to get your videos out into the world, then Shorts is clearly for you…


YouTube Shorts is here and it is the shorter side of YouTube. Go try it out today on your YouTube App!

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