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Watch YoungstaCPT’s ‘New Takkies’ Video

About 2 days ago  YoungstaCPT dropped off his new ‘New Takkies’ (produced by Kay Faith )song which could be looked at as the sequel to his 2016 ‘Takkies’ song that not only told a story of what “rare sneakers mean to the lower income community of Cape Town” but also detailed the dangers of rocking these sneakers in certain parts of Town as well as YoungstaCPT’s personal accounts of buying, selling, swapping, losing and fighting for my shoes. Now ‘New Takkies’ is said to explore the growth of a person who has realized life is worth more than a pair of shoes…. More of like a rebirth of what it feels like to have your shoes stolen or robbed and then be reimbursed with a new pair. In the Dale Fortune directed music video, we see scenes of YoungtaCPT doing some charitable work by handing fresh pair of takkies to those in need of shoes and we also see other scenes that seem show the empire that the Y?GEN brand is becoming through the shots of the store and warehouses that YoungstaCPT performs in at some point… Other scenes find YoungstaCPT performing the song in outdoor settings with cameos from those that fit the narrative of exploring the need to look fresh despite the circumstances & situations we come from such as the legend Rolo Rozay… There’s probably other meanings we missed but yeah this is quite a deep and purposeful song that is visually interpreted well which we enjoy and respect.

Watch below:

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