Marcus Harvey Drops New ‘You Still Don’t Know Me’ EP

Marcus Harvey has just dropped off his new EP today called You Still Don’t Know Me which is the follow-up to his 2020 I Am Marcus Harvey project. The EP contains 5 songs in total with features from Don Marco and Khan Khalii. In terms of narrative, the first three songs are said to tell a heartwarming love story as it starts with love at first sight, according to ‘The First Time I Saw You’, while on ‘You Wouldn’t Understand’, Marcus Harvey fully commits to his woman, singing, “I know love is dangerous, but I’m willing to risk it all for you.” Later, Khan Khalii plays Harvey’s lover on the song called ‘Reflection’, attesting to their beautiful union over the soothing lo-fi production that dominates the EP. The last two songs are said to ground this fairy tale as Harvey shares vignettes of his life in Alexandra on ‘Chilling in Alex’ and ‘Don’t Think About It Too Much’.

Listen below:

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