Extreme Energy Connects with Mzansi’s Popular Urban Music Culture


This year Extreme Energy has come through and established itself as a brand with its finger on the pulse, at the forefront of the latest global drinks’ innovation, and in tune with the lifestyle of its active unisex consumers, who enjoy this refreshing alcoholic energy drink with its distinctive apple taste and energy kick. With the launch of the groundbreaking Extreme House and Extreme Soul sensory music variants, which is a world-first-of-its-kind innovation by the way… Extreme Energy connects with Mzansi’s popular Urban Music Culture.

Now we all know that our favourite music track has that unique ability to shape and change our mood because we draw positive energy from the sound of music. It embodies the way we react to the world and we can’t help but move to the beat. The Extreme Energy Music variants were designed as a sensory representation of the popular local ‘House’ and ‘Soul’ music genres. Developed in collaboration with South African Music Producers and created using Sensory Neural Technology, the Extreme Energy Music variants flavours, aromas and colours evoke the same multi-sensory response as listening to your favourite music genre. So you better get ready to experience your music in a can!

We know that music is a real passion for the unisex fans of our alcoholic energy drinks, who pump positive energy into the world around them. We wanted to offer them a sensory experience that is on a whole new level – one that takes them to the same place they go when they listen to their favourite music. That’s why we called in the experts to design and develop our new music variants – Marketing Manager Natasha Coppin

‘‘Our senses are affected on a neurological level and music reacts with humans in a unique way.  It spreads across our brain, lighting up different sections in ways that nothing else can. Our neural sense researchers, alongside a team of local music producers and experts, used neural technology to test and validate the two music genres, and the result is so much more than just a flavour – they’ve captured the essence of House and Soul music – in a can,’’ she explains.

It’s all about how music makes you feel. The Extreme Energy Music range can be enjoyed while you’re chilling at home with your crew or out on the town soaking up the vibes of your favourite DJ’s on the decks and the feel good sensations of music start shifting your mood.

House music has its origins in soul, funk and disco, with a beat that builds up and drops, taking you deep into the feel-good zone and releasing sensations of excitement and happiness. Now, every element of the Extreme House Music variant has been crafted to activate these senses, with the bright green colour and bold lines of the can design hinting at the vibrant flavours and aromas of citrus, rosemary and a cooling sensation. A premium alcoholic energy drink with a green glow-in-the-dark UV colour, a refreshing apple taste and energy boost from guarana.

Soul music is a very different mood, and the Extreme Soul Music variant is a smooth sensory experience that unlocks the intense emotion and seductive beats of this music style that traces its roots back to traditional blues and gospel music. The orange colour and soft lines of the can design alluding to the sultry flavours and aromas of vanilla, pear and cinnamon, work together to recreate the Soul music experience. A premium alcoholic energy drink with an orange glow-in-the-dark UV colour, a refreshing apple taste and energy boost from taurine.

The new Extreme sensory music variants are part of Extreme’s premium alcoholic energy drink range, with the same refreshing apple taste and 4.5% ABV.  Available at leading retail outlets and online liquor emporiums across the country at R90.00 per pack in a convenient 440ml can 4 Pack.

Black Motion

Of course, the burning question is Can you really Taste your Music?

That’s what popular YouTuber Sibu Mpanza sets out to investigate on his mission to get to the truth, in Extreme Energy’s entertaining documentary that takes viewers with him on his journey. Along the way, he finds out how the sensory music variants were developed in collaboration with local music producers and experts, Lebo Mothibe and Arnie Vermaak and tested by Mark Drummond and his team at the Neural Sense Institute, using Sensory Neural Technology. Of course, he does this with the full backing of the Extreme Team, who are quietly confident that the music variants will deliver on Sibu’s expectations.  If there is anyone who knows what House music feels like, it is popular local electronic duo and SAMA award winning Black Motion’s Robert Mohosana and Thabo Mabogwane, and when it comes to the Soul feeling, the smooth Ami Faku is your lady. Check out the Extreme Energy ‘Taste Your Music’ documentary launching on YouTube.

Extreme Energy supports responsible drinking.  Alcohol Not for Persons under the age of 18 years.

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