From a South African distillery famous for innovation, and globally awarded for its top quality whiskies, comes the bold new invention… Three Ships Mash Tun, a smooth new taste, born in the heart of the James Sedgwick Distillery. Did you know that the Three Ships Mash Tun was created especially for those who enjoy the sweeter things in life?  Three Ships Mash Tun is mellowed in wood and enhanced with flavours of vanilla, toasted oak, maple, orange and cinnamon. It’s perfect for those times you’d like to enjoy a few drinks with friends as a sun-downer or beyond.

Looking into the bold new invention…

So why did you name your bold new invention Three Ships Mash Tun? 

Brand Manager, Nicole Hewitt: Well, if you’re familiar with the art of whisky making, you’ll know that the mash tun at any distillery works hard. And for good reason! It’s the place where malt, water and heat meet. It’s also a place that mirrors the dedication, hard work and innovation of the team behind the whisky. The perfect name for our brand-new product.

And why is Three Ships Mash Tun such a category breaker?

The challenge behind Three Ships Mash Tun was to create a product for people who prefer a sweeter taste, but still full of complexity. The team behind Three Ships Whisky did what they do best and came up with the complex, spicy and easy-drinking Three Ships Mash Tun. It’s an exciting alternative for curious whisky drinkers who are keen to try something new.

What then would you say is the best way to drink Three Ships Mash Tun?

Invite a few good friends over to share a bottle of Three Ships Mash Tun with you, enjoy it at your favourite local hangout or pour yourself a glass after a hard day’s work in the comfort of your own home. It’s just such an easy-drinking choice that’s delicious with a variety of mixers . We think it tastes best on the rocks or with cola or soda. Or drink it neat. Hey, it’s up to you.

Using the creativity of the team behind the globally awarded Three Ships Whisky, the whisky fam invented a product that’s complex, spicy and easy-drinking and at just 24% alcohol it’s much lighter than traditional whisky. It’s perfect to share with good friends, neat, on the rocks or mixed with your choice of soda or cola.

Because it’s an approachable and versatile choice, it’s easy to enjoy as a sun-downer or beyond  – Nicole Hewitt

Three Ships Mash Tun is something new to discover with friends, and sure to become a South African favourite. It retails at R119.99 per 750ml bottle and is available from leading retailers and online liquor stores across the country. Three Ships Whisky supports responsible drinking.  Alcohol not for persons under the age of 18 years.

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