Unapologetically Authentic Art

Despite its name, Josh Badenhorst’s brand, Very $orry is anything but apologetic. From the word go, the 25-year-old from the East Rand was unafraid to make it known that the ethos of his brand is to “Strike fast, strike hard and show no mercy”. Now that Josh is one of four apprentices under Zaid Osman, his involvement in the Chivas Venture A-Grade capsule collection is set to blow Very $orry in a whole new direction.  

Josh established Very $orry in August 2020 so he could express himself through different mediums of art. At the risk of being brutally honest, Josh also created the brand out of boredom with the local fashion scene . Very $orry is meant to inject a sense of devotion, blood, sweat, tears, and quality back into the industry. Each piece of this multi-genre brand is made by hand using a DTG printing method, along with unique tying and dying techniques. Josh doesn’t plan to stop at just fashion however, he plans to expand into toys, accessories, furniture, and visual art. Nothing says ambitious like blending all your diverse passions and inspirations into unique art to change the industry.

Incidentally, it wasn’t his love for photography that led Josh down the path of his passion for fashion, he is only recently getting into fashion photography. Josh’s passion for street culture was fueled more by his love for cars, fashion art and music – in fact, his keen eye for the unusual was inspired by classic brands we all know and love such as Billionaire Boys Club, Bape, Supreme and mavericks like Kanye West, Vivienne Westwood, and Rick Owens to name a few.

Chivas Venture and Grade Africa, founded by Zaid Osman (owner of the Sneaker Exchange) have joined forces to give Josh and 3 other talented local fashion designers the opportunity to boost their expertise in the business and creation of fashion whilst growing the local fashion industry and communities by sourcing materials from them. Since the beginning of the programme in March, Josh has worked with some of the biggest names in the South African fashion industry, giving him an evolved outlook on design and the processes involved in making garments. Very $orry has also gotten a boost in funding and networking through the programme, with an exciting pop-up planned for this September. Strike fast, hard and show no mercy indeed!

Josh thinks denim is going to remain a fashion staple for Spring/Summer 2021/2022, with the varsity jackets being a favourite because of their light weight and versatility and, a good quality T-shirt to add to the aesthetic. Who can argue with a classic denim look – especially as recommended by the founder of one of the next biggest brands to hit our streets?


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