Dibi Drops New ‘Photo Ready’ Single [Listen]

In the year 2021 its said that Dibi has had to be nothing less than “Photo Ready”, separating him from his peers… Dibi has now released his first single of the year called, you guessed it, ‘Photo Ready’.  Its also been shared that Dibi, being in ‘Photo Ready’ mode, acquired the skills and talents, of BET’s Isono actress, Didintle Khunou as his cover model for the song’s artwork and from our first listen, this fast paced song does paint a picture of where Dibi is at musically which is good space according to our positive reaction to the song.

The song was conceptualized when I bumped into a beautiful girl from my film school days who would always look amazing on campus no matter what time of day it was- you would never catch her slipping. A couple of years later when I saw her again, nothing had changed, she was still looking fine as hell. When I asked her why she’s always on point, she said if anyone pulls out a camera, she gotta be ready.“


Listen below:

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