Ph by Gunner Stahl

Kanye West’s ‘DONDA’ Album Now Expected To Drop Same Day As Drake’s ‘CLB’

Well if you were amongst those that anticipated Kanye to drop is new DONDA album on the same day as Drake’s CLB then you might have been on the money because a new release date for that new YE album has been circulating online. Prior to you being here, you probably did see the drama that’s been going between the two giants and you probably saw some after footage of that DONDA listening session that took place earlier this morning, if not you still can’t ignore what’s going on.

Now just a few hours ago Drake supposedly announced the release date for his album via a cryptic strategy which resulted in a September 3rd date reveal and soon after that, fans hopped onto Apple Music to see what Kanye’s album release was saying because his album hasn’t dropped yet and as anticipated the release date has been pushed back to that same  September 3rd date now. This means the two will be having a massive face-off come next Friday and whether that’s good or bad is up to you to decide but share your thoughts.