Priddy Ugly Drops New ‘Handful of Dust’ Visuals [Watch]

Today could be described as Priddy Ugly’s day especially within hip hop since his sophomore album SOIL dropped. And as promised, Priddy did share some new visuals for his ‘Handful of Dust’ song which is becoming of the most talked-about records off the record because of what Priddy Ugly is spitting… The raps will definitely grab your attention but let’s talk about the visuals real quick which start off with a shot of him sitting at the head of a dining room table surrounded by mask-wearing individuals that leave the table one by one 9 (as soon as they’re done eating) until Priddy is the only one left. We then get an exterior shot of Priddy standing over 6 dead bodies before he jumps into that BMW whip as Sol Phenduka audio clip plays that talks bout him. We’re sure you already have your visuals interpretations set up…

Ph by @khotsotsaagane

Watch below: