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Rouge Questions Her Readiness To Drop New Album [Watch]

By now you should know that Rouge has been in album mode for a young minute and as the days go by many of her fans keep wondering when that album will be released. Now in a recent interview type of video, Rouge contemplates on whether she is ready to drop the album as an interviewer asks her the question: “Are you ready to drop this album?”. Surprisingly Rouge replied by saying “no” which is then followed by another explaination from her that mainly describes a tweet sent to her that caught her attention which found a fan telling her that she needs to be more experimental because she is forgettable… Clearly that interaction kind of touched her the wrong but motivated her more than anything or at least that’s what we believe. These visuals were titled “Road to L.O.S.T pt. 1” which might mean the album’s title is called L.O.S.T and that we can expect further parts to drop as build up.


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