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TRON PYRE is a name you’ve probably come across in your lifetime, especially if you’re a fan of the alternative music scene, because that’s where his expertise flourishes. Back in 2018, TRON PYRE released a special project called Pangea, which was then followed by an EP in 2019, called TEMPORUM. Both did enough to convince many that Tron Pyre was synonymous with being an unexpected marvel found within our local music scene. With his fans having gone through a substantial waiting period before a new expected TRON PYRE sonic experience, it seems like now the wheels are turning again for the Pretoria-based artist, and we’re ready. We managed to set up a quick interview with the ‘Sativa’ creator to update not only ourselves, but also TRON fans, as well as chat to him about the pace he’s currently moving at, his relationship with music, what story he is narrating, and more.

You are part of a rare breed of artist found in SA, because you’re mainly viewed as an alternative artist who delivers R&B/soul experiences. Having gained some experience in the musical scene, how would you describe your growth so far?

I think my growth has been very dynamic. Creatively, I feel like I’ve learnt a lot over the years, and I think I am a lot sharper, my sensibilities have improved, and my perspective has expanded. There’s a lot to draw from and I am excited to see how the rest of the world responds to what I have to share next. As far as navigating the industry, I think it’s working out well. It’s ever-evolving, so it’s important to stay malleable and remain teachable/curious. I think that’s how we will all continue to grow and adapt.

You seem to also move at your own pace when it comes to releases. Why is that, and how does essentially being patient with yourself serve you?

I think it’s important to always allow myself the time to live and create something meaningful and honest. There’s a lot going on in the world, and my way of processing things is through writing and creating. The pandemic made me reassess my whole approach and it also allowed my team and me to head back to the drawing board and conceptualise a new sound. I needed that time away. I try my hardest to not be a slave to the ‘hype’ (excuse the pun), and just honour my process and the art, by giving it the time and care it needs.

Right now, you’re active in terms of getting ready to release something new. What made this moment right enough to prep you to share a new chapter?

I guess I just missed my ball. I want to get out on the field and play with the other kids – I’ve learnt new tricks and I want to show them off. I’m still working on my debut LP tirelessly, but I’ve managed to create something that I feel I should share as a prelude to what’s to come. I feel like someone out there needs to hear this.

Read the full interview right here.

Now here’s another treat that many TRON PYRE fans will surely enjoy. On our latest HYPE Sessions #74 tape which can be found in the new Ezine 8 issue, we have an Exclusive & unheard TRON PYRE record called ‘JPEG’ which we believe gives fans a taste of where the young star is at artistically. Right now, the song can only be heard through our latest issue but we thought we would drop it here too for you to check out below:

TRON PYRE returns after his stellar 2019 EP TEMPORUM with a new single. Titled ‘JPEG’, the R&B futurist tampers with hazy atmospherics, hard-hitting drums & distorted guitars. TRON reinvents himself whilst staying true to his genre-bending sensibilities. The sleek track addresses his affinity with codependency in relationships in a way that is intriguing and sure to leave you captivated.

Written by: Ndumiso Phiri
All Vocals Performed by: Ndumiso Phiri
Produced by: Theo “Beatshoven” Kekana
Co-Produced by: Sibusiso “Jak” Mndawe
Mixed by: Sibusiso “Jak” Mndawe
Mastered by: Regaugetsue “Feziekk” Leshabane
Released via NU PANGEA


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