What Do You Expect From 25K’s ‘Pheli Makaveli’ Album?

By now you would have gotten word of 25K’s highly anticipated Pheli Makaveli album finally being ready as it was announced that pre-orders for it are going live tomorrow. It’s been quite a long wait to get to this point as news of Pheli Makaveli coming were first solidified last year around October and since then fans were sort of left in the dark… Now we see the light and it’s giving hopes of an even better experience especially since it was built with patience in mind plus that Zoocci Coke Dope involvement further convinces us of something special coming up. 

image by @blavk_rebel

Admittedly it’s quite clear that the hype surrounding 25K did diminish a little over the months of silence (this excludes notable features) and comparing his 2019 breakout moment to 2021 can justify why we say that… However, this does not take away from the fact that the excitement for Pheli Makaveli is real and that we’ve been super eager to hear out what a modern full 25K experience will not only sound like but feel like. With that said, we’re also interested in finding out what you guys are expecting from the album. Just leave us a comment below.