Watch A-Reece’s New ‘THE 5 YEAR PLAN’ Music Film Ft. Wordz

Directed by SXMZX, last week Friday A-Reece finally released his ‘THE 5 YEAR PLAN’ music film that features Wordz. These visuals dropped just hours after he announced their existence on social media and to no surprise, the video has been getting some major love. The narrative of the video showcases a bank heist taking place led by A-Reece and Wordz who are the stars of the show. The song’s lyrics themselves carry a prophetic message that reminds us fans that A-Reece is not only building up his life career-wise but financially too… And he is set on sharing the rewards of his hard work with those close to him as seen on scenes where he looks to be breaking bread with some close associate such as his brother. Yeah, we enjoyed this.

Watch below:

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