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Who Is Kiki X Chucky?

We’ve gotten word of an emerging artist who goes by the name of Kiki X Chucky who has a new single out now called ‘The Price Went Up’ and we thought we would share a little info on the boy. 

Kiki X Chucky is described as an & coming hip hop/trap & modern-day rock artist who was born in Johannesburg. He is further described as a rager who, as far back as 2012, had always had a deep love and passion for expressing himself through music. His drive and journey are said to be guided by his 444 methodologies which are described as having a number of meanings and interpretations.

As mentioned above, Kiki X Chucky’s latest single release titled ‘The Price Went Up’ has been receiving a lot of love from his fans which he calls his 444 KULT (Love Stab Stab Stab) Gang. The single is said to cover the emotional struggles he has gone through which resulted in him losing touch with his fans.

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With the music video for the single set to release sooner than expected, Kiki X Chucky has mentioned that this is one of the projects he has enjoyed working on and he believes that the reception for the video is going to be even more of a banger than the audio version.

“We’ve spent days and days on end making sure that when the music video comes out, Kiki X Chucky will be on everyone’s mouth, 444 everywhere. Follow me to greatness!”

Listen to ‘The Price Went Up’ below: