Image source: @sliqe

Sliqe’s Kennel Music Label Joins The Sony Music Family

Today, DJ Sliqe’s label ‘Kennel Music’ joins the Sony Music family and launches pre-order of the label’s EP ‘Kennel Music’ with the new single, ‘I Do’

The owner of the label, Sliqe, had this to say about the partnership: “I’ve been speaking about doing great things for Kennel Music I thought it’s time to start doing something with all this experience I gained. Kennel is an incubator for musos (musical instrument players, writers, producers) where creativity resides in historical shapes. Collaboration is our mission. Kennel has lately partnered up with Sony Music, we hope this to be a fruitful journey.”

The main objective for Kennel is to connect the indigenous sounds of Africa to the world. A crossover appeal is essential for us. Music speaks to the masses and we aim to gnaw an eclectic crowd that can try find a voice in the music we release. Music is love and we love music so every project that comes from the stable will give you a piece of our heart. – Label Manager, Karabo Rakau

We formed the Kennel to allow musicians to collaborate with artists outside of their reach, bringing together different flavours to create a fresh product – Sliqe.

The EP (which is currently available for pre-order) features Lady Zamar, Money Badoo and Middleburg native, Christyle Numen, who is featured on two tracks off the EP. “We’ve been working with Christyle over the last couple of months.

Kennel Room 2 is expected to drop on all platforms on the 4th of June.

Listen to ‘I Do’ below: