Listen To DJ Dimplez’s New ‘Kub’Hlungu’ Single Ft. Phantom Steeze, Touchline, Jillz & Zandii J

DJ Dimplez recently dropped off a new single called ‘Kub’Hlungu’ that brings together the likes of Phantom Steeze, Touchline, Jillz & Zandii J to give us something special. The song pays homage to those that have passed on recently and before according to Dimplez’s expression about it. The song’s title can be translated as “it hurts” in English which further emphasizes its narrative as we hear all artists deliver heartfelt lyrical performances atop a mid-paced instrumental. The song sounds good but also hits the heart heavy.

Things such as death have become occurrences that we see more often than we’ve ever seen them before. Recovering from losing a family member or a friend has become more difficult. We can’t mourn as a group like we used to. – DJ Dimplez

Listen below: