lordkez Dropped Her JUICEBOX EP [Listen]

lordkez has released the highly anticipated JUICEBOX EP – brought to you by Steyn Entertainment’s Record Label and Management Company, Stay Low. The four-track project marks an artistic shift for the multi-hyphenate creative; a continuation of lordkez’s signature RnB inspired sound, with elements of Hyper Pop. As always, lordkez brings subtle irreverence and musical prowess to the fresh bubblegum aesthetic of the project.

Kez is joined on lead single “Rice Krispies” by fellow South African alt artist Money Badoo, an incredible collaboration and the only one on the project. It’s a bold and atmospheric single that sees the friends match energies, creating a track that reveals in self-assured independence detailing a “take-or-leave-it” attitude to a potential partner.

At only 22 years old, lordkez brings a level of self assured certainty rarely found in such a young musician. Her poised lyrical delivery and effortless musicality are undeniable on this new project.

Speaking on the JUICEBOX EP, lordkez explains:

“JUICEBOX is special to me because it is a little outside of my immediate comfort zone. I enjoyed making this EP so much, it was light and fun. The studio sessions were a mixture of me finding some excitement in solitude when I was locked indoors alone for 3 weeks during the lockdown as well as a few fun-filled sessions with my friends and my team when lockdown eased up. The music speaks to a side of me that I want to introduce to my fans and to people that consume my music, the side of me that is cute, fun and energetic. I love the idea of duality and as a follow-up EP to my critically acclaimed EP – Charcotta, I feel this is the perfect way to live out the concept of duality, which is what I am all about.”

lordkez is a prolific creator. Her debut EP Revenge Season was recorded in just 14 days in 2019 and she hasn’t stopped since. JUICEBOX marks her third project to be released in just 18 months and she shows no sign of slowing down.

Following on from her incredible Charcotta EP, which dropped late last year and received a plethora of support from the likes of Clash Magazine, The Independent, British GQ, Coeval and more, lordkez is quickly building a loyal following in both the UK and her homeland of South Africa. Having covered The Sunday Times’ Culture supplement in South Africa, lordkez saw herself spotlighted and confirmed as a one to watch in the growing alternative scene.

lordkez invites you to lose yourself and travel into her vision of the world. With her talents being recognised globally, 2021 promises a lot more from this avid abstract artist, poet, writer and musician

Listen below: