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Elaine Declares A Global Takeover On New ‘The Shining Star: An Intro’ Visuals

It’s no secret that there’s still so much hype surrounding Elaine and what her next move will be especially with the music. With all the success she has gained with her critically acclaimed 2019 Elements EP, many of her fans are eagerly waiting for some new body of work and it’s been clear with all her trips, studio sessions and music teasers that it’s on the way and this new “The Shining Star: An Intro” mini docu-like video does enough to add on to that anticipation fire. This new visual drop acts as an intro into the new chapter she’s gearing up to go through in her journey as it finds her narrating her past, present and ultimate future which paints a picture an individual walking on a purposeful path led by a vision. We don’t want to say too much about the video because it’s best you watch it for yourselves below.

In other news: Elaine also has a new song titled ‘Right Now’ which is available to pre-save and we expect that one to be the start of something bigger which hopefully leads towards a debut album.