Tyson S.T Drops New ‘Dulcé’ Album [Listen]

Last year we wrote about Tyson S.T’s Snakes Favour Me: The Performance Album which we enjoyed a lot and yesterday the rapper dropped off a new album, reported to be his debut, called Dulcé which comes in with a whopping 14 tracks (and follows his 22.04.21 EP that dropped early April) with features from the likes of Tron Pyre, Francis Jay, Thato Saul, Phiwo, Popsnotthefather, Miles, DoouShii, Huey & Aifheli. The whole album’s experience showcases Tyson’s growth as an artist and you get to hear through as he delivers a variety of flavours or “vibes” which proves he has diversity as an artist. The list of artists he worked on to give us Dulcé are part of the reason why it’s so good but the narratives being told with each song elevate the album’s existence and that’s really the gem of it all… The beats are fire too of course and we appreciate experiencing Tyson S.T in this new open way as opposed to a boxed-in expectation. This isn’t a review, by the way, but make sure you check out this must-hear body of work.

Listen below: