Lethabo Acid Drops ‘Anti-Hero Complex’ Debut Project

It’s been two years since Lethabo Acid has given his fans new music and today the artist has dropped off his Anti-Hero Complex debut project as promised. From life experiences, Lethabo Acid is said to have progressed as an artist and has created theme songs of his life according to what he had experienced at the time. He further describes this debut release as a “spirit leaving the body and ascending” with the aims of securing his spot within the South African hip hop scene.

It feels good, it feels like I’m giving people a piece of me. I feel like I’m opening up and allowing people into a world I’ve created. A new experience of where I’m at sonically, mentally and how I perceive my reality. We’re all unique and have travelled different journeys. I’m allowing people to take a look through a sonic scope into mine… – Lethabo Acid

Anti-Hero Complex is said to be a hip hop project that branches off into a few alternative genres and the best way to describe it is to think of it as a tree that has its hip hop main roots and as the tree grows, each branch looks different and faces a different direction from all the others.

Listen below: