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Priddy Ugly Teases What’s To Come

By now you should know that Priddy Ugly has that sophomore album on the way and his recent ‘A Reminder To You’ & ‘Rainbow’ single releases act as testament to that fact. With that said, there’s a count down currently going on and we’re sure that you followed those recent conversations/debates that were had about Priddy’s presence in the game which means that, just like us, you’re eager to hear out how he will be shaking up the game because according to him there’s a “RAP ALBUM OF THE YEAR LOADING” so the man is focused… Just recently, ZoocciCokeDope (implying he has heard the new body of work) tweeted out how Priddy has made a masterpiece which Priddy responded to by sharing a young snippet of a song that has started people excited about and prior to that teaser, early April, he shared that ‘April 2nd Freestyle’ which again got people amped for what’s to come. So take a moment to listen to the new teaser below as well as the ‘April 2nd Freestyle’ because that will help in giving you a glimpse of Priddy’s current lyrical workout regime.

Ph by Benaire

Listen below:

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