Nike Sues Over Unofficial ‘Satan’ Shoes

Reports of Nike suing a small Brooklyn-based company called MSCHF, over its sale of the controversial 666 pairs of custom Nike Air Max 97s “Satan Shoes” in collaboration with the rapper Lil Nas X have been flooding the net.

In a lawsuit said to have been filed yesterday, Nike accuses MSCHF Product Studio, Inc. of trademark infringement over the designer’s 666 pairs of the custom Nike shoes made in collaboration with Lil Nas X. Reports have also stated that all pairs that were available for purchase have sold out and MSCHF is further reported to have not responded to repeated requests for comment about the lawsuit yet.

In its complaint, Nike is reported to have asked the court to order MSCHF to “permanently stop” fulfilling orders for the “unauthorized” Shoes. The lawsuit also notes that people on social media have threatened to boycott Nike over the controversial collab that has been deemed blasphemous by many.
However, Lil Nas X isn’t named as a party in the lawsuit and representatives for the star are reported to have not responded to any of this legal news.
“MSCHF and its unauthorized Satan Shoes are likely to cause confusion and dilution and create an erroneous association between MSCHF’s products and Nike,” the sportswear company is reported to have said in its complaint. “In the short time since the announcement of the Satan Shoes, Nike has suffered significant harm to its goodwill, including among consumers who believe that Nike is endorsing satanism.”
Now if you didn’t know, these custom sneakers were released alongside Lil Nas X’s new contended ‘MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)’ release that portrays Lil Nas X as both a fallen angel and a demon who rides a stripper pole down to hell where he gives a lap dance to the devil… Details of the shoes are said to come with a bronze pentagram charm and a drop of human blood in the mid-sole which raised some eye-brows. Interesting enough, MSCHF is the company that released a pair of custom-made “Jesus Shoes” back in 2019.

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