Lethabo Acid Drops New ‘Cream’ Single & Announces Debut Full-length Project

Lethabo Acid has just returned with a new single called ‘Cream’ after a two-year hiatus and this new song is meant to give fans a taste of what’s to come on his forthcoming debut full-length release called ANTI HERO COMPLEX. Over a wavy sample and heavy drums put together by NotBenjamin, ‘Cream’ is said to speak about the pursuit of happiness via the pursuit of money, how an inflow of money can test/alter the character of a person and of those surrounding them. Through clever lyrics and sharp delivery, the song provides a steady reminder to stay true to your moral code while you stack your bread up.

The song is further said to be inspired by the film ‘Paid In Full’ directed by Charles Stone III. The film, set in the 90s, is about a teen envious of the high-rolling lifestyle of his drug-dealing friends. He joins the business and moves to the top of the Harlem drug world, while rivals conspire to bring about his downfall, only to realise at the end that his rivals are his very own friends.

In a world soo fickle and envious I want people to focus on becoming better people whilst fending for their families and achieving their goals and visions. – Lethabo Acid

ANTI HERO COMPLEX is a vulnerable and real introspection of my character, my views of the world and my experiences of life so far. It hybridises nostalgic memories of my childhood, where I am in my life now, and what I desire for my future” Lethabo Acid Lethabo Acid has grown as an artist, looking now to express himself through his lived experience rather than emulating popular ideals in his art. “I’ve let go of expectations and pay no mind to what’s happening outside of me. I’ve learnt to offer a more genuine and personal experience through my lyrics and ideas. – Lethabo Acid

Listen below: