Travis Scott Talks Expanding His Sound For New ‘Utopia’ Album

Travis Scott is working on one of the most anticipated albums right now which is his Utopia project and in his latest interview with Director Robert Rodriguez for i-D Magazine, the megastar spoke about a lot of things, including his current state of mind when it comes to the music he is currently creating.

“I never tell people this, and I’m probably going to keep it a secret still, but I’m working with some new people and I’m just trying to expand the sound. I’ve been making beats again, rapping on my own beats, just putting everything together and trying to grow it really. That’s been one of the most fun things about working on this album. I’m evolving, collaborating with new people, delivering a whole new sound, a whole new range.” – Travis Scott

As mentioned, the interview touches on a lot of other things such as fatherhood, etc. but when Robert Rodriguez asked Travis if he feels some sort of pressure to create something as grand as Astroworld, Travis explains that he isn’t worried about recreating something or in his words: “It’s never about repeating myself, I’m just trying to make the next saga… each album is like a saga,” he said. “I don’t feel no pressure, except to keep the fans alive. There’s so much more ground I can cover, and I want to cover it, and I love the challenge of it. I want to make a f*cking new sound. I might spend days banging my head against a wall trying to figure it out, but once I do it, it’s like ultimate ecstasy.”

You can read the full interview here.