Listen To Sipho The Gift’s New ‘DO MORE’ Single

Last week Friday, Sipho The Gift dropped off a new single called ‘DO MORE’ (produced by Papaheight & Sipho the Gift). This new song is said to come from his upcoming new EP called #DOFORLOVE which will drop once he reaches 10K followers on Instagram according to a recent Twitter post he shared. The ‘DO MORE’ single is said to deal with “a man wrestling with his opinions on love, its phases and coming to terms with how he really feels about a girl in his life. He displays stereotypical machismo while casually playing down his feelings and borderline gaslighting his love interest in the process”.

Sipho’s last project release was the BLOOM EP which dropped back in 2020 and we’re keen to hear this new #DOFORLOVE experience coming up which will carry about 6 tracks in total according to the artwork’s singles listing.


Listen to ‘DO MORE’ Below:

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