Image source: @rikyrickworld

Peep The ‘COTTON FEST 2020’ Movie

Monday marked a year since Riky Rick’s COTTON FEST 2020 (the second annual one) took place and what a time it was if you there… The festival took place just before the pandemic hit early last year and we probably would’ve gotten a COTTON FEST 2021 by now if things weren’t so dire in the world. Now as a reminder of the good times that were had at the last festival, a COTTON FEST 2020 movie was placed online for all to view and relive the experience. The almost 10-min visuals summarize all that was happening at the festival from the people, fashion, performances, and overall vibe. Towards the end, we also get to hear Riky’s unreleased ‘The Chant’ song that has been rumored to feature Dee Koala which many are still waiting for by the way. What a time…

In other news, Riky Rick also dropped some basketball-inspired COTTON FEST merch dropping on the 27th of Feb.

Watch below: