HYPE Magazine Interviews Extreme Energy Marketing Manager Natasha Coppin

2021 came through with Extreme Energy offering a revolutionary sensory experience that takes you to the same place you go to when listening to your favourite music and with some help from experts, it designed and developed new music variants to represent the popular local house and soul music genres. YouTuber Sibu Mpanza was even lucky enough to find out if you really can #TasteYourMusic via the new Extreme Energy documentary that has him meeting the people behind the innovation, chatting with local music producers, sound experts, and scientists to discover more about these new Extreme Energy Music variants. Marketing Manager Natasha Coppin gave us a moment to chat to her about the #TasteYourMusic campaign, what it took to bring to life, what experiences it brings and more via a virtual interview. #TasteYourMusic

Watch below:

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