Espiquet’s #TheLastFridayMixtape Delivers More Than Enough

During the last week of 2020 Espiquet came through and released a new mixtape called The Last Friday which carries a whopping 16 tracks in total with features from the likes of ASON, Una Rams, 25K, Glockie Deuce, Mondo Dusk, TopGogg, Shouldbeyuang, Cye, Hopemasta & Speedsta. Now it wouldn’t be wrong to say that this project (the last of a trilogy) holds up a high position in terms of impression for us and possibly even dethrones Friday Night which we consider a favorite but this is not to say that the other release (Good Friday) didn’t hit the mark… 

When posting about it last year, Espiquet explained how he & his team came a long way and that this was the last leg of a trilogy which is an expression you truly have to appreciate given his consistency in delivering good music. We don’t see Espiquet slowing down in 2021 but rather elevating as The Last Friday suggests but just have a listen for yourself below.

“…We all did everything (our best) to make sure the promise is kept! My heart is empty and full at the same time how happy I am and how much love and appreciation I have for my team and the people around me, the people rooting for us and supporting us. I just wanna make sure you guys get the music!”

Listen below:

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