Microsoft’s Xbox Series X Revealed To Use 198GB of Its 1TB Storage Space

Microsoft recently announced that it’s upcoming Xbox Series X will include 1TB SSD to store games on but now it’s been shared that some of that space won’t actually be useable as it is reserved for the system’s operating system. There’s a handful of gaming news sites that have had hands-on experience with the console such as IGN & Gamespot who revealed that the usable space of the SSD is 802GB compared to the fully advertised 1TB storage. It was also shared that some of the space on the SSD may also be used for the console’s Quick Resume feature because according to Microsoft, the feature keeps the game state data as a persistent file on the internal SSD.

So if you want you might have to budget for an expansion SSD for that extra space…

In other news, did you secure your next-gen console yet?

Watch IGN’s hands-on review below:

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