New Kimosabe ‘DAYZ’ EP Drops Friday

This Friday R&B singer-songwriter and producer, Kimosabe, will be dropping off his new EP called DAYZ out this Friday as the finale to his #SoulTember series he has been pushing over the last 3 weeks. DAYZ (stylized as DayZ) is the new 7-track EP by South African singer-songwriter Kimosabe, released through his eponymous record label Kimosabe Productions. The project is said to have been recorded and completed in secrecy during the COVID19 Lockdown, and was preceded by four singles; ‘Blue Eyes White Dragon’, ‘Bagger Vance’, ‘Lifeline’, and ‘Pray Tell’.

Production and writing on DAYZ were handled entirely by Kimosabe with a contribution from rapper ByLwansta on ‘Someone’s Daughter’. DAYZ is coming hot off the heels of this year’s full-length Nights, Vol 3 release by Kimosabe, and as the title would suggest, is a departure from the darker lyrical content, and nocturnal sonics of the preceding trilogy, albeit deceptively so.

Where the ‘Nights’ trilogy narrates a relationship from beginning to end, DAYZ, having been written during a time that, “felt like the end of the world for a little bit” puts the singer in a scenario where he finds himself alone during this phenomenon, a theme that carries over to the album art, which depicts Kimosabe ‘staring directly at the apocalypse’.