CRUZ Vodka & Moozlie Celebrate Spring With New Brand Partnership

Yesterday a new long-term brand partnership between CRUZ Vodka and Moozlie was announced and celebrated. This relationship had apparently been years in the making with Moozlie as a loyal friend of CRUZ, becoming a staple on the brand’s exclusive, star-studded SA Fashion Week party guest list. And in an effort to clear the runway and lead the femme-powerment movement, Moozlie is said to be undoubtedly well-equipped to build a culture around the CRUZ brand that is as rich, as dynamic, and as empowering as the vodka the brand makes.

“This is like a full-circle moment for me. A seed planted over many years has finally blossomed. Cruz Vodka is one of the most forward-thinking brands I’ve ever worked with. From what the team has been able to achieve with AKA to all the exciting things we’ve got planned with Manhattan Blossom, I appreciate that this brand respects the influence & creative genius artists bring to the table. I have no doubt this will lead to more music, more good times, more milestones & more success for the whole team.” – Moozlie

Deemed a brand partner, Moozlie will work with the CRUZ brand team to represent and build CRUZ Manhattan Blossom. The terms of the agreement are set for a long-term business relationship with MOOZLIE set to earn her share in the vodka’s profit split per bottle sold throughout Africa – a rare deal in the South African spirit beverage industry. The essence of this partnership celebrates a modern-day take on carpe diem, seizing the day & living life in full bloom, – a motto Moozlie has adopted as her own. Moozlie explains: “For me, it’s about not allowing your situation or circumstances to box you. It’s important now, more than ever before, to live life boldly & proudly.”

“We’re honoured to have Moozlie leading the way both for our brand and for those who will follow the agenda. Celebrating a time of transition from one of the worst Winters we’ve seen – that has little to do with the weather – we look forward to a Spring that poses ample opportunity for positive momentum. May this partnership lead the way for a new season, a new rule, and a new partnership set to Blossom,” stated Cruz Vodka’s Brand Manager, Kayla Hendricks.

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