New & First Reebok x SNEEZE Club C Collab

Reebok & SNEEZE Magazine Link-up For Their First Collaboration with Reebok’s Legendary Club C

So before we talk about the headline news we have to share that earlier this week it was announced that Reebok has partnered up with Girls Skate South Africa which, if you don’t know, is an awesome community organisation that is constantly spreading the love of skating among girls. Girls Skate SA started with a basic mission to help girls skate more and the interest grew so quickly that they realized that they could actually make a difference and cause a huge shift in the skating scene.

The mission to get people from all corners of life to come and simply just skate with them really taught the organization that skateboarding is more than just skateboarding and can be experienced as a way to help those that need direction and those that need a sense of Community. This purpose truly gave these girls something to look forward to, including the founders…


And here’s the awesome headline news to start off your day… Today Reebok and SNEEZE Magazine have just joined forces to drop & celebrate their first collaboration which is a spin on Reebok’s legendary Club C shoe, a shoe that is as popular today as it was back in the ’80s when court shoes first came on the scene.

So how has this collab put a spin on a classic? Well, first of all, the shoe’s black tongue and collar trim break refreshes the well known Club C and its all-white design, along with the black or white laces. The nice lace add, allows you to either go bold with black or keep it clean in white. SNEEZE’s bubble-letter tag also features on the leather upper and the on the insole.

This new Club C collab also features an EVA for supreme cushioning and a durable outsole for long-lasting toughness plus it’s low on maintenance. This easy to wear which is perfect for whatever style best suits you and is, by the way, a favourite for Reebok Ambassadors Cardi B and Khalid.

This new Reebok x SNEEZE Club C collaboration is available to shop today and it’s good to know that with each pair sold this August, Reebok will actually be donating 2 pairs of Club C’s to Girls Skate.

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