The Big Hash Fires Back At J Molley With New ‘How To Kill A Dead Body’ Ft. FLVME

It all escalated when Hash dropped off his #FreestyleFridays verse last week Friday which evidently took some shots at J Molley. That whole scenario led J Molley to fire back with his #PaulBearer that shook things up even more and pretty put Hash in a corner. And of course many were expected Hash to respond and well he just did with this new song called ‘How To Kill A Dead Body’ that features a hook from FLVME and production from 808x. And with lines like “If I never said anything, you wouldn’t be trending, Enjoy it while it lasts, your career’s at its ending” making way here it’s clear that Hash seems to be fired up but he also voiced out how he is done with all this beef. Read the full lyrics here.

Listen below:

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