Listen To thepxshmagazine’s New ‘Hometown Heroes’ EP

thepxshmagazine recently dropped off this EP called Hometown Heroes just days ago and man are we digging it! This EP consists of 4 tracks in total and carries features from the likes of Francis Jay. It’s definitely something different from what the game is majority dishing out right now and we have to stan, purely because of its jazzy/soul elements that really are the focal aesthetics according to us. It’s personal, it’s wavy but most of all its refreshing to the ear.

Hometown Heroes is basically a short EP about myself and how I stand out amongst the other guys it also has my DNA in the stories told about dropping out and depression and using that to my advantage in making good music it’s really straight to the point with a description in the titles to the songs giving anyone an idea of what I’m talking about in each song” – thepxshmagazine

Listen below: