AKA Ignites Boxing Match With Cassper Nyovest

The constant competition between or “beef” between AKA and Cassper Nyovest has been going on for like years now and although we have silent times between the two giants, we also get war times and such is now! It seems as though Cassper Nyovest & AKA will finally be fighting it out in the boxing ring according to AKA. In a series of tweets, AKA has revealed that the two of them are in a process of signing a boxing deal with EFC & SuperSport for a September fight. AKA has just added fuel to the fire now by pretty much taunting Cassper to sign the deal, even sent him a humiliating DM for the whole world to see. Apparently the plans for these have been there for a while as AKA noted how Cassper has low key been hinting at it through his responses etc. Now we wait for Cassper to respond.