Converse Hosts International Women’s Day Dinner In Two Cities 

Converse’s Love Fearlessly Campaign kicked off in early February and encapsulates the ideals of loving yourself first before seeking validation from other sources.

In celebration of the campaign the brand shifted the focus towards the female members of the Converse_X_ community on International Women’s Day and hosted two intimate dinners for selected global community members in Johannesburg and Cape Town. 13 creatives, who are exclusive members of the private community, and valued media representatives were seated around a refectory table and treated to an evening of awe-inspiring conversation sparked by key two female industry leaders. Guests were treated to a 3-course dinner at one of the finest private dining rooms in each respective city as they listened, learned and contributed to the inspiring discussions. At the end of the dinner, custom floral bouquets were given to each guest as the evening’s takeaway.

Converse IWD Dinner: Johannesburg

Hosted at The Munro Boutique Hotel, Johannesburg in the Dining Room and Terrace Venue, the Converse_X_ and media members entered a setting perfectly suited for the evening. As the dinner commenced, Sizakele Phohleli, a published poet, activist and storyteller, detailed her career and depicted the moments in her life that defined her success. Converse aimed to select individuals who are aligned with local culture and who thrive behind the truth of their personal stories. Phohleli’s introspective shift allowed the guests to think about themselves, taking a deep dive into self-admiration and confidence building. She asked questions from a unique angle which ignited the ideals of self-reassurance for the guests who spanned the 18-23 year old age gap.

Converse IWD Dinner: Cape Town

Sheer minimalism brought a maximalist vision to life at The White Room in the Gorgeous George Hotel, Cape Town. Guests entered the space and mingled until Converse’s selected guest speaker, Anelisa Mangcu arrived and had an intuitive 30-minute talk with the group about her work as a Cultural Worker and Connecter. Mangcu focused on important topics of discussion amongst the youth, dwelling on the ideals of taking a dream and turning it into a reality. She mentioned age versus career goals and specifically tackled the misconception behind being too old to do explore other opportunities outside of your comfort zone

By selecting females who have stayed true to their craft and who have an impact on the Generation Z demographic, the message behind Converse’s intimate evenings contributes to the campaign that encourages one to Love Fearlessly and to break the boundaries of self-criticism.

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