Listen To YoungstaCPT’s ‘OWN 2020’ Record

Last week YounsgtaCPT finally dropped off his #OWN2020 song (produced by Kay Faith) which is sadly the last one he would be dropping. Early Feb he did share that this 2020 ‘OWN would be the last one but as bittersweet as that is, we still can’t ignore the fact that this song has been highly anticipated. The joint is of course filled with heavy statements from Youngsta as we get to hear him proclaim how he is the artist of the century and that he already owns the year 2020. He also highlights how he will dominate this new decade and in the same breath sends out some appreciative words to other artists that are working hard according to him such as Dee Koala, The Big Hash, Nadia, Flame and more. There’s something over-ally satisfying about this one because as much as its the end of the “OWN’ drops, it feels like a new beginning for the Cape Crusader which is crazy if you consider how much he has already done.

Listen below:

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