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By the time you read this you might have caught wind of the news that London artist Col3trane will be visiting our shores as part of the highly anticipated upcoming Rocking the Daisies #Daisies15 experience. Young Col3trane has already established himself as a global sonic force and with an ever-growing fan base, South Africa will surely be getting a treat as the Rnb/Neo Soul artist showcases what he is well known for on D (Daisies) – Day… With that said, HYPE Magazine editor Roo got the chance to ask the brother a few questions as steadily wait his arrival later in the year. Enjoy below:

I think I’ve got to first admit that you’ve just gotten a new fan all the way in South Africa and I’m admitting this with pure confidence because there’s clear something special about you. You’re still so young but your music sometimes carries an old spirit. Let me actually start off by asking you how you’ve been taking in all this building success & love?

Damn thank you so much. I appreciate you. It’s been a process for sure … not everything that glitters is gold but I find myself now in a position I’m happy with and I’m itching to move forward with what I’m doing. Shit is surreal at times. 

When I experience your work, I seem to find myself drifting away for some reasoning, in a good way of course. I know your music making process is mostly organic but is there some sort of mental, spiritual or even physical state that you tap into to make the music that you make?

Nah not really… but music has always done that to me and I’ve always aspired to recreate that with my music. That feeling of serenity. My music has always been really introspective and I tend to keep my words to myself most times… a lot of thought and effort and work goes into my songs they very rarely are just like fleeting things that just happen… although they sometimes are. I dunno shit changes everyday. 

It seems like each Col3trane fan has their own definition of your sound, from RnB to Neo Soul, we all have our own sonic definition of Col3trane. I however want to find out how you define Col3trane’s sound?

I think the best way to define it is to say that it’s neo soul that might knock your teeth out

From dropping off TsarinaBOOT & Heroine how would you describe your growth as an artist?

Been a trip. Been a blessing every second… my new shit is where it’s at tho. 

We’ve just entered a new decade and I’m curious to find out if (number 1) did the announcement of a “new decade” matter to you? & (number 2) how Col3trane is carrying himself in 2020?

A lot of shit changed for me at the end of this decade so even though the end of it didn’t symbolically really mean anything to me it did carry me into a new year with new beginnings… this year is gonna be nuts man I just can’t wait to put out this music. 

I have to of course end this by asking you about your upcoming trip to South Africa. What can we expect from your performance at Rocking the Daisies and besides you performing what else are you looking forward to in South Africa?

You’ll be sweaty as hell and in your feelings too. I’ve never been before so I wanna soak up the culture as much as I can. see what South Africa is on. can’t wait.

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