Willy Cardiac

18-year-old South African rapper on the rise, WILLY CARDIAC has been bubbling globally and the attention the Pretoria native is receiving represents the seeming shift from underground darling to the mainstream colossus. With the ethos of his music stemming from the sense that his generation goes unheard. Willy Cardiac is on a mission to represent the views of his peers. This comes through in his punk aesthetic and unrelenting Trap flows. Described as the ‘voice of the youth,’ the rapper’s journey has been non-traditional, to say the least Willy Cardiac proved his knack for social media promotion after a run in with the police. Following his typically subversive performances. Willy spent 3 days in police custody and upon his release dropped ‘Sorry Mama! Fuck 12’. The song captured the attention of an enthralled audience and contributed to the EP clocking over 250 000 streams.

His growing fanbase remains at the centre of Willy’s live performances which are replete with raw energy, mosh-pits and space for people to fully express themselves. It’s this electrifying stage presence that led to a co-sign from Riky Rick, who extended Willy with an invitation to perform at his inaugural Cotton Fest.

After years of online success, Willy Cardiac had finally broken into the mainstream. In typical Willy fashion, his performance at the festival set social media abuzz and the experience inspired work on a brand new project titled Filthy September.