ByLwansta Drops ‘SPIJØNGET Chapter II’ Release Date & Cover Art

So its seems that ByLwansta is finally ready to roll-out his SPIJØNGET Chapter II body of work this coming February and fans are ready to eat it up… 11 months since listeners were introduced to a slightly more cheerful ByLwansta through his SPIJØNGET (Chapter One), Chapter Two sees the Kokstad-born lyricist and multimedia designer, and now producer & composer, depart from his signature colour palette. The distinct orange that previously permeated the artist’s entire brand is swapped out in favor of a “colder” and sombre colour palette. The music undoubtedly informs it’s packaging, so listeners (and viewers alike) of the artist’s work are immediately given subtle spoilers about the direction he’s gone and how his life has unfolded in Chapter Two. Colour palette aside, the artwork’s subject is the project’s most obvious giveaway. An image that is vaguely reminiscent of ASMR in it’s lack of respect for personal space and high definition, Chapter Two visually screams “I’m kind of going through the most right now…” in all it’s glory (and grainy edginess).

Listeners who have been following the artist’s roll-out over the past 2 months become reintroduced to the Chapter’s mascot, the African Lily or Agapanthis Donau, with much more context now of where it belongs in the bigger picture of the Chapter. Its said that Chapter Two’s over-arching theme is growth, leaning more towards growing pains and maturation rather than blooming gracefully, but the African Lily in it’s fully bloomed form assures everyone that there is beauty and grace by the end of it.

SPIJØNGET: CHAPTER TWO drops on the 28th of February