The Magic Of #AFROPUNKJoburg

If you were one of those that entered the new decade at the AROPUNK Joburg (because HYPE was) then you might agree with us that indeed it was night to remember! During the last 2 days of December 2019 #AFROPUNKJoburg at Constitutional Hill was the place to be no lie… The festival was the hub for creative expression, style & appreciation of the new generation of African.

With an impressive line-up & overall good energy, the 2019 AFROPUNK Joburg festival continued its successful roll-out if ushering us into a new year in South Africa. Both local and international artists came through… From the likes of Solange Knowles, Miguel, Sjava, Sho Madjozi, Masego, Goldlink and so much more, the festival had it all.  will be headlining the festival.


And although fans were particularly excited about finally witnessing Solange on stage , who was missed at the first one, the whole vibe was beyond music as it further radiated a black excellence spirit through the fashion, food and ultimately the people.  This popular festival of course attracts fans from all over the world to come down to Mzansi share in the celebrations of music, art, film and fashion by black artists. Last year’s festival satisfied many and it’s clear that AFROPUNK Joburg has been adopted as a purposeful experience that exceeds experiential expectations.  

The festival started in Brooklyn and has expanded around the world in five cities, Paris, Johannesburg, London and Atlanta, in the last five years with additional cities on the horizon. Hopefully a 2020 version takes place… But until then check out some images of the vibe below.