How Diesel Celebrated Their New D4D Store Design & Latest “Enjoy Before Returning” Campaign

DIESEL recently celebrated the launch of their new SS19 collection and campaign aptly called “Enjoy Before Returning”; and the new design D4D concept store. The event took place at the Diesel space in Fourways Mall.



The practice of purchasing an item, using it, and then returning it to the store for a refund.


“Enjoy Before Returning” is a playful, nonconformist stance on this controversial topic of Wardrobing. If shoppers are going to buy, wear and return an item anyway, why not fully enjoy it in the process? 


Don’t hide the DIESEL tag… Show it off, and most importantly enjoy!


 This was the premise of the event, as DIESEL invited guests to wear DIESEL tags out proudly throughout the evening. DIESEL went as far as to create a ‘Returnomat’; a playful twist to a laundromat, where the concept of handing in clothing to be cleaned was tuned on its head. Guests collected DIESEL branded laundry bags featuring the text “Enjoy Before Returning” printing boldly on the front.

The store itself offers a new retail experience revolved around flexibility. Earlier this month DIESEL announced the entirely new and revolutionary brick-and-mortar retail concept, launched in Fourways Mall, Johannesburg. This DIESEL store is the first of its kind amongst all distributor countries. 

The design of the store is hyper-dynamic and adjustable, unbound to the structural ramifications and expectations of the location. No detail was left out, as the food was just another point of engagement, featuring quirky and playful elements to keep in line with the stores bold features.

The ‘Enjoying Before Returning’ theme was fully realised at the event, and illustrated DIESEL’s stance on the rising trend of Wardrobing (something that most fashion brands struggle with how to handle). The brand does not condone the act, but it will not hold it against you.




People of interest: Zander Opperman, Randal Ambrams, Ma Nala, Lunathi Mampofu, Melody Mfeka, Gemnaén Jordan Taylor


Performing: Shimza, Black Motion, and Oscar Mbo, and BrownPepperAnn.



DIESEL D4D concept store, Fourways Mall



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