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It is quite rare to find a pure music soul that transcends a listener’s ears to a world that can only be felt once immersed in it. It’s quite rare to come across an artist that captivates your emotions only because it was sonic-ally intended that way. How many times have you discovered an RnB artist that has immediately made you a fan from first listen? Well, we just have experienced that after coming across singer/songwriter Elaine’s Elements project that has been getting love since it was released this past Sunday. Elaine’s presence at the moment feels like the breath of fresh air that the music industry has been looking for which is a quality anyone can appreciate. With that said HYPE got the chance to speak to young Elaine and get to know her just a little bit more…

Let’s talk about how you got into music… I usually ask artists about that “defining” moment that convinced them that music was a party made for them because usually many start things off as a hobby but it later develops into a purpose for a few… So how did you get into music and what was the edging moment that convinced you to go in fully?

I’ve always loved music from a very young age. I started singing at the age of 6, that’s when I actually had my first solo at a school concert. That moment changed my life forever, and from that day, that’s all I wanted to do. I then started joining choirs from primary up until high school. And I learned a whole lot of different types of music, styles, and genres which I enjoyed a lot. When I got to varsity I started finding myself and who I am, which led to my current sound and appreciation for Rnb

You mentioned that you learned about a lot of different genres while growing up and mending your craft, what made you stick to RnB/soul specifically when you could’ve gone full jazz or reggae etc.

Most of my inspiration comes from Rnb artists. I absolutely love Lauryn Hill and Beyoncé, and how they’re able to open up about any type of feeling or experience so effortlessly and gracefully. I’m quite a sensitive person, and I feel that Rnb gives me the platform to truly engage and confront how I feel. It’s an honest and safe space for me

Let’s talk about Elements.  noticed when you expressed how it took you about a year (correct me if I’m wrong) to create. Break down of making it and what its whole narrative is.

Yeah, it actually took me over a year to complete the entire project. Making music was, at the time, something very foreign to me. I only started recording late last year. And so I had to learn a lot about myself and how I prefer things done, the type of people I prefer working with – which was particularly hard in the beginning and how to make the vision I had for my sound come alive. Another challenge was finding a producer that truly understood Rnb, and embraced my sound because several people tried to change and ‘tweak it.’ Elements is about love. All types of love. All the different elements and emotions that it comes with. I wanted to highlight the fact that love comes in all forms, and there’s no formula to it. It’s not all roses. It gets tough sometimes. And not all types of love are romantic. Love is universal

What’s your opinion on how RnB has been active within the South African music industry. It seems to come and go well according to me. What are your thought about that?

I think RnB has had a great presence in SA music. I do however think, that it’s been a while since real, raw and honest RnB has been prominent and consistent in our country. With the talent that we have in our country and the diversity, it deserves to flourish. RnB isn’t dead at all. I think it’s a beautiful genre that can do exceptionally well in South Africa.

And what’s the story that your music is currently narrating? I know you mentioned how Elements is all about love but I’m talking about the whole picture of your sound. What story is it telling?

My music and my sound tell my story as an individual. It’s about progression, honesty and being real. And most importantly, being real with yourself, being in tune with yourself and knowing yourself.

Last question. How far are you projecting your music? What’s the long-term goal for Elaine?

This is only the beginning for me, so there’s still a long way to go, but I’m prepared. My long-term goal is to achieve what seems almost impossible. Besides worldly things and possessions, I want to reach a point where people are truly inspired by my work, and reciprocate that energy into their work. Into themselves and into building themselves, no matter how long it takes. My goal is to grow as a person, and as an artist, and I plan on doing that beyond South Africa.

Featured images source: https://www.instagram.com/lainey_mukz/


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