Kanye West In The Process Of Trademarking “Yandhi”

Remember when we all thought Kanye’s Yandhi album would drop last year but didn’t? Man… That album’s release date was pushed back so many times we all lost hope and Yandhi was shelved. Now some new reports from The Blast have revealed that they have gotten their hands on paperwork that actually states Kanye may still have a Yandhi surprise in store, as the documents show that he’s once again trying to trademark “Yandhi.” Now according to the The Blast, ‘Ye previously attempted to register the word but the U.S. Patent & Trademark Officials rejected his application due to some errors filled out in the documents. Last week, Kanye allegedly filed for “reconsideration” after being refused in both January and April. The Blast also reported that Kanye’s application is now in the final steps of the approval process, so there just may be a chance that we receive an updated Yandhi before we get Jesus Is King which was initially suppose to drop today by the way.

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