[Cover Story] A-Reece/Khuli Chana: HYPE x NEDBANK (DEVIANCE COVER STORY)

I could never have imagined that I would’ve  gotten these two together for this. Those that know me know that I’ve always been about trying to create not just unique content but purposeful content that we at HYPE hope will act as a source of new information/inspiration for those searching. This ‘DEVIANCE’ cover story featuring A-Reece and Khuli Chana was created to highlight the differences and similarities between two hip hop generations. The respect and relationship that A-Reece and Khuli have always been looked as an ideal one because not only has Reece verbalized his appreciation for Khuli but Khuli continues to showcase his admiration for Reece. This ‘DEVIANCE’ cover story is a special one and however is reading this, I hope the conversation below helps your artistic journey. I hope you embrace your destiny.

Love Roo.

“I had Khuli open up for me at my first show, it was a favor
I don’t treat it as a simple thing
I was 16 when he did that”- A-Reece (Meanwhile In Honeydew)

Read the full story here.

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